Space duck

TFS's visualization of the Space Duck

Krillin decided to pretend he was a duck in Episode 14: No Country For Old Namekians, so he wouldn't be caught spying on Frieza by Dodoria .When they were on a hill. This led to Dodoria believing he was "just a Space Duck"

Trivia Edit

  • Space Ducks don't exist in the real world. They just exist in the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series.
  • This joke is referenced in a later episode; When Goku arrives on Namek, he hears Krillin, mistaking his screams of terror for the Space Duck quack. When Krillin quacks, however, Goku assumes it's Krillin.
  • In the Vegeta vs. Shadow the Hedgehog fight of the web video series Death Battle, Shadow uses his signature Chaos Control power to teleport Vegeta to the moon. The Space Duck can be seen in the background by the observant viewer who isn't too busy laughing at Vegeta's frustration.