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Piccolo is one of Goku's rivals. He eventually becomes a "temporary" member of the Z-fighters. Piccolo is shown to be very stubborn and strict. He also has little tolerance for people. Yet, in the TFS parody, Piccolo is shown to be miserable from having no friends. He is very powerful but let Nappa's attack kill him. Which angered gohan and led him to try and defeat nappa. Piccolo often refers to Gohan as a nerd, but he eventually grows quite fond of him. He has also mentioned in the series that his best friend is Tom on Myspace. When Piccolo dies after thoughtlessly sacrificing himself to protect Gohan, he goes to King Kai's planet in order to train.One of the Z Warriors. His methods of training Gohan consist of little more than sneaking up on him and yelling "DODGE!" He is shown to be very lonely and has no friends on MySpace (other than Tom, who is automatically placed in your friends list). He agreed to help Goku after he offered to add him as a friend. He is killed by Nappa, while saving Gohan. He is voiced by lanipator


"No goku i just Love to get naked when i'm around you"

"We really Shouldn't Be announcing our attacks now"



"Take that Moon,perfect orbit my ass"