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Nappa is a Saiyan that came to Earth along with his greater comrade, Vegeta. Nappa resembles stupidity in Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Unlike to the original Nappa, he lacks in intelligence. But the TFS version of Nappa is a deal duller and provides a great amount of the comical humour in the parody series. Nappa plays an important part in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, considering the fact that he enters the series a lot more often than the original, while haunting Vegeta's thoughts and dreams. Nappa was defeated by Goku but was overall killed by Vegeta with a ki blast. This brings Ghost Nappa into the series, who haunts Vegeta. As Ghost Nappa, he can only be seen by Vegeta, as seen in the scene where Vegeta goes "insane" after having a Dragon Ball stolen by Gohan. Vegeta is also seen being haunted by Nappa twice in Frieza's Spaceship, the first is when Vegeta was in the healing pod and Nappa popped seemingly out of nowhere. The second is when Krillin was asking who Nappa was, and Vegeta pictured Nappa saying "Vegeta" over and over again.

Nappa is voiced by takahata101.


According to Vegeta, Nappa is worth 5 Raditzes.


  • He enjoys Pokemon.
  • He was the head councelor of King Vegeta.
  • Nappa was ordered by King Vegeta to take care of his son, Vegeta.
  • Nappa went to Sayian University, and graduated with a major in Child Psychology and a minor in Pain.
  • He hates it when they use Selfdestruct


"Vegeta! Look! A Pokemon..."


"I'm in Hollywood!"