Krillin is voiced by Lanipator in the TFS parody. He is weaker than Gohan, as said by Piccolo. Krillin provides a great deal of comical humour in the series and is often stressed as one of the weakest members of the Z-Fighters. He never seems to get a break in the series, noting he even has his own Krillin Owned Count. Krillin is viewed to be a very cowardly fighter and often complains of not having a girlfriend. Though Krillin always seems to be pushed aside and trampled on, he plays a significant role in the Parody series.One of the Z Warriors And Goku's best friend. He is frequently bullied by everyone and no one seems to care about his well-being. For example, in Episode 1, Raditz kicks him through Kami House (Master Roshi's house), but everyone is more concerned about Kami House than Krillin. He is voiced by lanipator.


Krillin's power level was over 1,200 in the Saiyan saga we know because he killed 3 saibamen which each have a power level of 1,200.


  • He is constantly insulted by his "friends".
  • He attends regular therapy.
  • His owned count is rivaled only by Raditz's power level.
  • He is made fun of by Piccolo because he is weaker then Gohan.
  • His Last Name is Sanchez