The love interest of Yamcha, until he died in battle. Currently, she is leading a journey to Namek in hopes of resurrecting the Z-Warriors, and guarding the ship while Krillin and Gohan search for the Dragon Balls. She is voiced by Megami33 .


As similar to the Dragon Ball version, Bulma is a selfish and pushy woman. Being spoiled, she feels conflictedwhen going on adventures with the Z-fighters. Bulma thinks more of herself than enyone else. She also has a short temper and is usually very flirtatious. Overall, Bulma is a very courageous yet self centred woman.
Screenshot-TeamFourStar's Channel - YouTube - Chromium

Bulma in a fit


Bulma is known for throwing fits in the normal series and in this one, such as when Gohan and Krillin left her alone on Namek.